Holly Hamilton

Registered Massage Therapist

Phone: 519-204-4445

Email: admin@physiohaus.ca

Holly Hamilton is a Registered Massage Therapist who graduated from the Lambton College Registered Massage Therapy Program in 2013. She also has certification in Level 2 Cupping.

As a sport massage therapist and as a member of the CSMTA (Canadian Sport Massage Therapy Association), she has a passion for working with athletes; from the weekend warrior to the elite athlete. She has a passion in working with clients to both prevent and treat athletic injuries, with the focus of returning to optimal function as quickly as possible.

Holly’s practice involves treating trigger points, chronic myofascial pain, acute sports injuries, whiplash and headache, and jaw pain. She uses varied pressure and treatment techniques, and when indicated, introduces moderate to deep pressure in her treatment.

Holly is an active person who spends time lifting weights, playing sports and practicing her true passion; riding horses. In her down time, she loves reading books, and enjoying a good coffee with friends and family.